Guidelines & Submissions

Why should I?

Great question! There are a few very good reasons to get your business entered into this directory.

  • It’s Free!
  • You’ll be part of a community of other craftsman who’s interests are in creating their own products and should be happy to help with production processes or ideation of your own new project!
  • The positive SEO impact of an inbound link from Hiram’s Guide will boost your page rank on search engines.
  • Because this project is exactly what you and our community need to be sure they’re shopping for items that truly carry an intrinsic value with them.

What Hiram's Guide IS NOT

  • Hiram’s  Guide is not for the person / brother who made a Masonic thing one time and someone bought it.
  • Hirams Guide is not for drop-shippers or those who primary focus is ordering from manufacturers who clone, or infringe on other Brethren’s work.
  • Hiram’s Guide is not for someone who own’s or works at a business who’s primary customer is NOT a member of the Craft.

It is the intention of Hiram’s Guide to provide a directory of business and creators who regularly produce goods or provide products with a consistent output.

Application Notes & Guidelines

All applicants must fill out the form below and provide the necessary elements needed in order to be added to the directory.

Admin’s of Hiram’s Guide will review your submission and verify your membership and that your products are congruent with the HG mission and vision.

If approved, please have a thumbnail image that reflects your product branding and offerings.

Q: Why do you want my Lodge Name, State and Membership ID#?
A: Simple answer. We will verify you are a member of the Craft and will place only your Name and Lodge, not your ID#, on your vendor page as a reminder to all who visit that you are a verified entry.

Please complete the form below

** Note: REQUIRED: Image MUST be 600px wide by 600px tall. Either JPG or PNG - Smaller than 512kb

Submission of this form does not guarantee approval of your entry.
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